Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Xbox live giveaway

Current giveaway 14/04/2013 - 28/04/2013

Are you looking for a way to get Xbox live for free? if so you have come to the right place. Due to recent success with one of my other blogs i have decided I will be doing Xbox live giveaway every 2 weeks from now on, the winner will receive a 3 month xbox live code. anyone can apply as long as you are over 13 and have an email address.

So how does it work? its easy, all you have to do is 5 things -

  1. Like and share this page on Facebook (click the like button at the top of the page)
  2. Sign up to this website (you can only enter this giveaway if you are not already a member)
  3. Once you have signed up go to your email and get the verification code that has been sent to you, enter this code to confirm you registration.
  4. Go to the Earn points area and complete one offer that pays over 10 points but is NOT the intro video. (this is free and takes less then 5 mins)
  5. Leave a comment on my youtube video and tell me the username you used to sign up.

Once i have received your email i will reply to let you know that you have been accepted into the giveaway, after 2 weeks i will choose a  random winner, and i will email you with your free 3 month code. So your probably thinking why am i doing this? well the site you are signing up to pays me to get you to sign up, so its easy for me to do this giveaway every 2 weeks as long as more than 10 people sign up. (check at the bottom of the page to see how many people have currently entered)

So why is the site paying me to get you to sign up? well it is simple, they receive millions of dollars a year from advertisers for you to complete easy free offers and surveys. As well as paying me they will also give you $2.50 for free when you sign up (which can be spent on amazon instantly) as an incentive to keep earning. If you want to carry on using the site its an awesome way to make some extra cash but if you dont you will still be entered into the giveaway, take a look at my videos below to see the success i have had with them after being a member for one month

There is no subscription or credit card needed and this is 100% free. So if you want to sign up just follow the 5 steps above and in 2 weeks you could have a free 3 month code. If you are chosen as the winner you must be happy to leave a testimonial for me to upload here and a link to your Facebook or a short YouTube video just saying thank you ( this is just so people know that i am not lying). The winner will be chosen at random and only 1 entry per person is allowed if you try and make multiple accounts you will be spotted and banned from the giveaway. Thanks for signing up and Good luck!!

Current entries -12